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SYLVICS exists to inspire & empower people to steward Earth's forests so that we grow trees adaptively & create wholistic ecological impact in the longest term.

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Founder || Satellite Forester

 Jacob is a young visionary in the field of forestry. He attained a Bachelor's of Science in Forestry, is a certified Wilderness First Responder, and is a certified Nurseryman in the State of Illinois.

He is experienced in leadership, facilitation, environmental education, forest management, outdoor adventure, and other skills crucial to design a successful startup forestry business.

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sylvics- the study of the life history and general characteristics of forest trees and stands, with particular reference to environmental factors, as a basis for the practice of sylviculture.

sylviculture- the art and science of controlling the establishment, growth, composition, health, and quality of forests and woodlands to meet the diverse needs and values of landowners and society on a sustainable basis. 

  1. The Dictionary of Forestry by John A. Helms & Society of American Foresters

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S Y L V I C S'  S T O R Y

SYLVICS Forestry & Nursery was formed by Jacob Bolton in January of 2021 as a sole proprietorship in Peoria, Illinois. Later that year, Jacob filed SYLVICS as an LLC.

SYLVICS Forestry & Nursery, LLC is a startup focused on facilitating the growth of Earth's Forests through community forest management and design. SYLVICS raises awareness of the study of sylvics, forest science, and traditional ecological knowledge (TEK).

Jacob Bolton is an honors graduate of Southern Illinois University - Carbondale. He obtained a Bachelor's of Science degree in Forestry with a focus on Forest Resources Management. Jacob studied forestry, botany, ecology, social sciences, natural resources policy, nature philosophy, environmental education, and outdoor laboratories. He co-created the Evergreen Community Model, which led to Jacob being a student leader, class designer, and integrated community member in Carbondale.

Jacob is now designing and training to be a full-time Satellite Forester. SYLVICS created satellite forestry as a unique role in the forest industry to allow for Jacob to be a decentralized, nomadic forester. A Satellite Forester focuses on 50% storytelling, 40% facilitation, and 10% consulting. SYLVICS is based in design thinking and ecological design science.

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