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1/23/2021 Trees geek me up. I get pumped talking with people about growing trees and plants. Once someone says the words "tree identification", I zone in. There are things about trees that I find fascinating. I dream to fire people up about trees. I think trees are important to understand. I want to live in a society informed about land management. How we manage land determines the health of all life in our habitat - including humans!

Many people have a cultural connection with trees. Trees are incredibly valuable! Trees represent strength, balance, growth, resilience, health, connection, family lineage, wealth, thinking patterns, and so much more. Trees have been the basis of language for some cultures, i.e. the Ogham language from ancient Ireland. Many streets are named after tree species, i.e. Elm St., Oakland Dr., Hickory Ave. Trees and plants are everywhere in our life! It's funny how little I understood this growing up. Our children and adults of future generations need access to healthy and plentiful resources. Land management determines our ability to survive and supply for future generations. Farming, forestry, geography, landscaping, construction, city design, and fishing are all forms of land management. Across the world we hear stories of resource depletion, yet we see our populations and habitat grow! How do we make resources grow with us so we always have access to meet our needs? How can we leave a ton of extra resources for future generations? Aren't there enough people to ensure the survival of 8 billion humans alongside all domestic and wild life? To me, providing for the needs of all things living on Earth means to GROW TREES. Trees are very admirable because of how many services they offer to living things in our habitat. Trees serve human culture and survival. Beyond humans; trees serve for many other life forms! The planet needs trees. We all need trees. I'm here to provide energy for trees to grow. I am here to remind you about how great trees are! You, too, can provide energy for trees. "GROWING TREES


LIFE'S NEEDS" -Jacob the Forester

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